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Union Infantry Corporal, Union Infantry Sergeant, Union Infantry First Sergeant, Union Infantry Ordnance Sergeant, Union Infantry Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Union Infantry Sergeant Major, Confederate Infantry Corporal, Confederate Infantry Sergeant sky blue stripe gray backing, Confederate Infantry First Sergeant, Confederate Infantry Ordnance Sergeant, Confederate Infantry Company Quartermaster, Confederate Infantry Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Confederate Infantry Sergeant Major, Union Artillery Corporal two red stripe s w/Navy backing, Union Artillery Sergeant -3 red stripe w/navy blue backing, Union Artillery First Sergeant, Union Artillery Ordnance Sergeant, Union Artillery Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Union Artillery Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Confederate Artillery Corporal, Confederate Artillery Sergeant, Confederate Artillery First Sergeant, Confederate Artillery Ordnance Sergeant, Confederate Artillery Company Quartermaster, Confederate Artillery Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Confederate Artillery Sergeant Major, Union Artillery Sergeant Major, Union Cavalry Corporal, Union Cavalry Sergeant, Union Cavalry First Sergeant, Union Cavalry Ordnance Sergeant, Union Cavalry Company Quartermaster, Union Cavalry Regimental Quartermaster, Union Cavalry Sergeant Major, Confederate Cavalry Corporal 2 yellow stripe w/ gray or butternut backing, Confederate Cavalry Sergeant- yellow stripe gray backing, Confederate Cavalry First Sergeant, Confederate Cavalry Ordnance Sergeant, Confederate Cavalry Company Quartermaster, Confederate Cavalry Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, CS Staff or Medical Corporal on Gray or butternut, CS staff or Medical Sergeant – black stripe gray backing, CS Staff or Medical w/butternut back, CS Staff or Medical Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant, Confederate Cavalry Sergeant Major, US Berdan’s Sergeant, US Berdan’s Ordinance Sergeant, US Berdan’s Quartermaster Sergeant


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