$285Colt Pistol, Used
Add this nice gently used .36 or .44 cal sidearm to your impression. Action is nice and smooth! Note: Will not ship to NY, CA, NJ.

$950 lightly used 54 cal Sharps carbine
made by Armisport. carbine is like new. text message me at 717-830-3782 and I will text you pics.

$795Used Musket: 1853 Enfield by Armisport
Comes with a bayonet, scabbard, and sling. Text 717-830-3782 for pics. It’s an Armisport. Really nice condition. Pic shown is not listed item for sale.

$795Used Musket: CS Richmond
Made by Armisport. Includes bayonet and scabbard

$795Used Musket: 1861 Springfield w/ bayonet, scabbard, and leather sling
Note: text message 717-830-3782 for pics. Pic shown is not this Musket.

$345Remington Pistol, Used
Gently used .44cal Remington Pistol for you impression

$735Used Musket: model 1853 Enfield by Armisport
text message for pictures of this gun. this offer is for only purchasing the musket. accessories not included.

$950Musket: original Austrian Lorenz 2 band with flip sight.
2 band percussion musket. Musket has all parts. Condition is Very Good. Action works and all parts are intact. Solid wooden stock

$775Musket: 1853 Enfield by Armisport - used comes with sling
3 band musket is in very good used condition. stock is all good and barrel and metal works is all good. Action works great. please text message me for pics. 717-830-3782

$595Two Band Parker Hale muzzleloading Rifle
This is a reproduction two band Parker Hale. Was used for NSSA. Text message 717-830-3782 for pictures.

Prices subject to change without notice.Click on the pictures to enlarge.