$275Colt Pistol, Used
Add this nice gently used .36 or .44 cal sidearm to your impression. Action is nice and smooth! Note: Will not ship to NY, CA, NJ.

$750Used Musket: 1853 Enfield by Euroarms
musket is being sold by itself. Accessories NOT included. Text 717-830-3782 for pics. Pic shown is not listed item for sale Marked London Armory on lock plate No bluing on the barrel.

$735Used Musket: 1853 Enfield
Marked London Armory Company. Made in Italy. Does NOT include accessories. Note: text message 717-830-3782 for pics. Pic shown is not this Musket.

$795Used Musket: 1861 Springfield
Made by Armisport. Includes bayonet, scabbard, and leather sling.

$315Remington Pistol, Used
Gently used .44cal Remington Pistol for you impression

$785Used Musket: M1853 Enfield by Armisport .58 cal
marked London Armory. Condition better than excellent. Sold with bayonet, scabbard, and sling

$735Used Musket: model 1853 Enfield by Armisport
text message for pictures of this gun. this offer is for only purchasing the musket. accessories not included.

$850Musket: Original M1816 Springfield sharpshooter
Converted percussion dual set trigger musket. Believed to be a sharpshooter musket. Ramrod is a reproduction. Condition is Very Good. Action works and all parts are intact. Mid stock on right side had minor surface cracks but is solid.

$855Musket: 1853 Enfield by Armisport - used comes with bayonet, scabbard, and leather sling
3 band musket was only used 6 times and is in excellent condition. stock is all good and barrel and metal works is all good. Action works great. please text message me for pics. 717-830-3782

$450Rifle, Two band Zouave Musket
Made by Armi Jäger Italy. Condition is Very Good. Well used musket in good working condition with a lot of nicks and scratches.

$425Zouave Muzzleloading Rifle
This is a reproduction of a Civil War era, 58 cal., made by Antonio Zoli and Co. in Italy. Italian date code is XX7, indicating a 1971 manufacture date. Cosmetically, this rifle looks to have spent some time in reenactment camps or in the field. The bluing on the barrel is about 80%. All of the blued components including the screw heads have some degree of freckling. The stock has numerous nicks and dings. The case colors on the lock are worn and there is also some freckling. The nipple that’s threaded into the bolster, takes the larger cap.

Prices subject to change without notice.Click on the pictures to enlarge.