$40Officers field kit
9oz copper plated flask stainless steel inside with cork top along with 4 copper plated stainless steel inside shot mugs.

$10Civil War Baseball
Solid wood ball ball inside and hand sewn cotton outside. Patterns and colors will vary.

$85Blanket, Wool from Woolrich wool of Woolrich, PA
cut edges. wool is 85% Wool 15% nylon fort Sumter butternut with brown stripe.

$4Bottle w/cork
We have a variety of medicine and other types of bottles to complete your impression. All come complete with a cork.

$15Buckle or Box Plate Brass US/CS
US and CS brass plated lead belt buckles and cartridge box plates. Note: When checking out with PayPal put in notes what type you ordered.

$27Buckle, Maryland also can get Pennsylvania, Georgia, and NC
Maryland state solid brass belt buckle.

$3Buttons, Brass
Various state and US brass buttons.

$15Box of 12 Candles Bees Wax coated candles
6 hour clean burning 6" candle to add light at night.

$2Candles, 100% Beeswax
clean burning 5" candle to add light at night.

Have the feel of your 19th century home with a checkered or multi design pattern blanket. Prices may vary depending on type of blanket.

$1Four corks
One sized cork for your canteen or in a bottle or on the end of your fork, we got your cork.

Prices subject to change without notice.Click on the pictures to enlarge.