$25Cap Box
Smooth black leather exterior with lambs wool inside.

$30Cartridge Box Sling
72 inch smooth black leather belt for use with US or CS cartridge box.

$30Cartridge Box, Pistol Belt Mounted
Belt mounted cartridge box for cavalry or officer use!

$45Cartridge Box, US
Model US 1855 black leather cartridge box with tins included. Maryland Quality Import. Check our catalog for these items!

$105Leather Package
Cartridge Box, Cap Box, Black Leather Belt, and US or CS oval buckle. Leather cartridge box sling and eagle breast plate can be substituted for belt and buckle.

$35Pistol Holster
For Colt or Remington pistols, they com in left side arm or right side arm.

$12Straps, Blanket Roll
One pair of black leather straps for rolling your blanket.

$40Waist Belt and Buckle
Smooth black leather waist belt with buckle.

Prices subject to change without notice.Click on the pictures to enlarge.