$4Bottle w/cork
We have a variety of medicine and other types of bottles to complete your impression. All come complete with a cork.

$30Coffee Pot
Period authentic 7" steel coffee pot.

$12Cup, Copper
copper on the outside steel on the inside.

$14Cup, Large stainless steel
Large stainless steel cup holds 4 cups of water to the brim.

$12Cup, Small stainless steel
Small stainless steel cup holds about 1 1/2 cups of water. Takes up less space in your haversack.

$6Flatware, Fork
Authentic period wood or bone handled 3 or 4 pronged fork.

$6Flatware, Knife
Authentic period wood or bone handled rounded tip knife.

$5Flatware, Spoon silver plated
Silver plated spoon teaspoon or tablespoon.

$12Flatware, Set
Knife, fork, and spoon fabricated of stainless steel in a two-in-one combination slide apart set.

$22Flatware Combo Set that folds up
All of your flatware (knife, fork, spoon) combination in one pen knife.

$15Plate, Stainless Steel
New style of dinner plate.

$8Plate, Steel
Antique type pie pan dinner plate. Scratches and dents are no additional cost.

$8Plate, Steel Campaign Style
Campaign style dinner plate.

$30Mucket, Steel
Stainless steel which will not rust. Same look as the traditional tin, but for a few dollars more, it is easier to maintain.

$45Boiler, Tin by Axel Ulrich
Traditional tin boiler with hanger and lid for the discriminating living historian.

Prices subject to change without notice.Click on the pictures to enlarge.